Wednesday, December 21, 2011


&#(^&# New Interface

Dear Readers, I'm sorry for the hiccups on this page this week. The new Blogger interface is giving me fits. (Among other things, it's eating my formatting.) I hope to get back to some semblance of readability soon.

What, did you accept an upgrade offer from Blogger? If you saved your earlier template, you should be able to restore it. I always save copies of mine as a Word document before I fool with the template.

Newer templates offer drag and drop design features, but I'm never certain about what I'm giving up.
I have been able to refuse their offer to "upgrade." "Upgrades" -- as I've seen with the mandatory upgrades to Gmail and Yahoo Mail, as well as other services over the years -- always introduce complexity, which causes more problems than gives solutions. My favorite computer is still my 4yo $300 little netbook which is slow and poky at times but thanks to the primitive Windows XP operating system, always works easily and reliably. (And it starts fast.)

But then I am happy with my dumbphone.

Love it!
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