Thursday, May 03, 2012


Friday Fragments

“What is space expanding into?” -- The Boy


“What if dogs’ eyes are right, and the world really is black and white?  Maybe colors are just there because our eyes put them there.” -- The Girl


Kodak is bankrupt, and Instagram sold for one billion dollars.  Discuss.


Okay, yes, I know, but hear me out.  It’s a freakin’ shark with a freakin’ laser


Best news I’ve read in a long time.  Prisons closing for lack of demand!  


On the way home from communion rehearsal:

The Girl: What religion are you, Daddy?
DD: Unitarian.
TG: What do they believe?
DD: Well, they believe that there’s a spiritual force in the universe, but they aren’t very specific about it.
TG: A spiritual force?
DD: Mm-hmm.
TG: You mean like Yoda?
DD: No, not that kind of force...

The statement from Tipple that a 50 mW laser is "a low-powered laser that couldn’t be dangerous to anyone" should scare the heck out of his lawyers and his sponsor, since it is blatantly false. To their credit, the magazine corrected this statement, but did so 5 paragraphs later.

Tell The Boy that it is space-time that is expanding, and let him think about how you measure the rate of expansion of time ...

The Girl ought to know the background for the Nicene Creed. Tell her to look up "Arian Heresy" and learn about the battle between Trinitarians and Unitarians that led to great debates in the early history of The Church. Some elements of that philosophy have slipped into the way some US Protestant preachers talk about Christ.
Your Friday posts are the best. Thanks.
The last bit cracked me up...
Hmm... How do the Yoda and Unitarian forces differ?
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