Monday, May 18, 2015


‘Cause Down the Shore, Everything’s Alright…

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog for a special announcement.

After seven years at Holyoke Community College, I’ll be returning to New Jersey.  I’ve accepted the position of Vice President for Learning at Brookdale Community College, starting in July.

It’s an exciting opportunity.  Brookdale is a much larger college, with multiple sites spread throughout Monmouth County. Its president, Maureen Murphy, sees wisdom in the “guided pathways” approach, and has made some difficult resource decisions to enable BCC to move decisively in that direction.  She’s hoping to enact many of the reforms championed by the CCRC.  As regular readers know, I’m a fan of the CCRC, and I see a lot to be gained by taking its recommendations seriously.  

New Jersey is also where much of our extended family lives.  When we arrived in New England, we knew nobody.  Going back to Jersey, we have people.  That matters.  I even know a few people currently at Brookdale, including a former boss.  And the Jersey Shore, which includes Monmouth County, holds a special place in family history.  

HCC has been terrific, and I’m proud of my work there.  I’ll miss a whole bunch of people, but I can say honestly that I’m leaving it in better shape than I found it.  It’s time for the next adventure.

Down the shore, everything’s alright...

Please make sure WBJB (90.5, The Night) doesn't change their format!
Congrats! It will be interesting to see the Learning involved as you take on that new position.
Congrats! Can't wait to read about your new adventure.
Congrats! And now you're right down the road from me, basically. I might eventually get to meet you face to face!
Congratulations! As a Rutgers grad and native New Jerseyan myself (now happily teaching at a CC in Florida), I can understand the appeal of returning home. They are fortunate to have you!
Congratulations! And double bonus points for the Tom Waits reference. :)
Congratulations! Though I don't have family in NJ (though there's a C19 ancestor who had a farm near Cape May), I, too, have happy family memories from the Jersey shore (thanks to parents w/ Philly roots).
Congratulations! You're an inspiration to all of us toiling in the proprietaries!
Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing new stories from the new place.
Congratulations on your new position. Hope that you find it interesting and challenging. Please keep the stories flowing!
(Does this mean that you're going to change your blog's name? :) )
Congrats and good luck!
Congratulations! (Although I'm sorry that you're moving, just after I moved from Virginia to Springfield after reading your blog for almost 10 years.)
Congratulations! Best wishes on the new gig!
Best wishes to you and the TW, TG, and TB.

....... But changing schools, leaving friends, moving house ... aggghhhhhh!!

What do the kids think about it all?
WOW, Congrats and good to know you'll be going back "home" so to speak! I second MPledger's question about the kids.

But, having kids the same age, I know it won't be easy, but they'll be fine. ;-)
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