Tuesday, November 03, 2015


A Question for Four-Year Colleges

Why do so many four-year colleges balk at taking internship credits in transfer?

Don't 4 years normally want CC courses that transfer to transfer as a specific course at the 4-year?
Also - do y'all have restricted elective ("gray-area elective") transfer courses in MA/NJ? In WA many (most? all?) 4-years let CC students transfer about 15 credits in stuff like welding, but only 15 credits and it only counts as credits.
There are a few reasons that come to mind. In no particular order:

1) Many (selective) colleges don't have their own internship program. And every place I've worked at, at least, had a requirement that the would-be transfer course had to map to something either explicitly taught OR which could be taught (but didn't happen to be). This is similar to Mike's comment above about specific transfer courses.

2) Some colleges don't give credit for internships, but DO give credit for courses taken in conjunction with a student's (previously approved) internship. Therefore, the college wants to evaluate the internship course the student took. No course taken? No credit awarded. Internship course taken? They'll review the syllabus and may or may not approve it on its merits.

3) Some colleges are flat-out opposed to credit for internships in general or other "life experience" credits for philosophical and/or pedagogical reasons (not academic or theoretical enough) and refuse to transfer credit on principle.

4) Most colleges have a limit on the number of courses that can be transferred and make distinctions about the "value" of courses they will and won't accept all the time. Internship credits could push the total number over the limit so they'll tend to select the more "academic" credits first.
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