Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Thanks to Brookdale for such a warm welcome.  I didn’t realize how much I missed New Jersey until I came back to it.

Thanks to InsideHigherEd for so much support over all these years.  It’s wonderful to have a platform where voices from beyond the Ivies can have their say.

Thanks to the Twitterverse for helping me keep up with sources and stories I otherwise couldn’t.  And the people!  Tressie McMillan Cottom, Paul LeBlanc, everyone at the CCRC...

Thanks to my occasional co-author, Susanna Williams, for making the trek to New Jersey on the rainiest day in recent memory.  Thanks to High School Friend on Wrong Ocean for doing the same, though without the rain.

Thanks to The Girl, for bringing class, wisdom, and humor to every single day.  Watching you grow up is one of my great joys in life.  

Thanks to The Boy, for showing me how adolescence was supposed to be done.  Even with the move, you handle it with a grace and poise far beyond anything I could do at your age.  I’m in awe.

Thanks to The Wife, for holding it all together.  For slowly turning a house that isn’t “us” at all into one that is.  For being an amazing parent.  And for still getting people to ask me incredulously “how did _you_ get _her_?”  I don’t even mind the implied insult...

Thanks to my wise and worldly readers.  You are the point of the blog, and I learn so much from you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Thanks to you, for blogging so honestly and openly about what crosses your desk and your goals for higher ed. As someone who has spent his entire career—undergrad, grad, and faculty—at an R1 institution (private for the first two, public—UMass Amherst—for the last), your blog has been one of my lifelines for letting me know what things are like elsewhere, as well as for raising issues that affect all of us. I'm sorry we never crossed paths when you were at HCC, but I hope that your influence there will linger on for a long time.
My thanks for all you do for higher education. Your reach must be broader than you suspect, because I have heard echoes of some catch phrases from your writing on my campus, and I expect I am not alone.

And a special thanks for including work-life balance by example. One of the stresses that I see on younger faculty is the difficulty dealing with the heavy load of teaching and grading !! and preparing for the next semester !!! amid increasing requirements for additional tasks, such as outcomes and their assessment. Time management is essential to do that and the other things that make life meaningful, so someone who finds time for blogging EVERY DAY while spending time with family and also doing the job well enough to get hired away to a new college shows it can be done.
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