Thursday, March 24, 2016


Tale o’the Tape

Cost of one hardcopy of “Principles of Economics, 7th Edition,” by Gregory Mankiw: $387.95

Cost of three credits of in-county tuition for Introduction to Economics at Brookdale: $368.25

Value of Open Educational Resources: Priceless

"Open Educational Resources" are just one way to provide low-cost textbooks for students.

Personally, I prefer self-published or "lean published" books at low cost—the author retains more control over the content than in "open educational resources", which sometimes turn into committee-written mush. There is also a small reward for the author. Students are also more likely to read a book that they pay $5 for than one that is free on the web.

Disclaimer: I'm currently publishing a draft of my textbook as though I give students in my class free coupons for it.
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Or 65 dollars used- citing the publishers price for a new copy of the hardcover is a bit deceptive. Does it make sense that the textbook is 20% of the cost of tuition? Maybe - many students can learn as much from the textbook as from the teacher....
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