Monday, May 16, 2005

Chubby-Cheeked Godzilla

The Girl is on a rampage. We keep the kids’ toys in the living room, where the tv isn’t, as a sort of in-house social engineering project. The kids spend most of their indoor time in the living room, playing with The Boy’s toys. The Girl has toys; she just likes his better.

That would be fine, except that he plays with his toys, too. He has some fairly elaborate Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, legos, and Lincoln logs, and he constructs admirably sophisticated cities with them. The Girl, now that she can crawl, has become a chubby-cheeked Godzilla, smashing cities with a smile. She’s driving The Boy to distraction. This morning she sat on the train tracks, blocking Thomas and Percy with her well-padded backside.

How quickly they learn to use their powers for evil…