Monday, May 02, 2005

Things I Learned this Weekend

1. Putting tights on a 10-month-old girl is harder than you’d think. She’s squirmy, and toenails are more of an issue than I had appreciated. And when the heel isn’t in quite the right spot, twisting to retrofit is, well, inelegant.

2. Although many people claim that the croup sounds like a dog barking, it’s really closer to a seal.

3. Pinkeye and contact lenses go together like tuna fish and hot fudge.

4. As many as 30 kids can have their first communion at the same time. Luckily, parking (and pew) space is infinite. Otherwise, that would be stupid.

5. Plays are better when you can hear the dialogue.

6. It’s possible, high school geometry aside, for two northbound roads to be perpendicular.

7. There is such a thing as a Jamaican rumba.

I’m all about lifetime learning…