Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thoughts That Ran Through My Mind Last Night at 3:00 A.M., as The Girl’s Crying Jag Entered its Third Hour

- She’ll never sleep again
- I’ll never sleep again
- I hope The Boy doesn’t come in again to calm her down
- I’ll look like hell tomorrow
- When I meet with the Vice President
- To discuss personnel matters
- That require serious professional judgment
- And I look hung over.
- Maybe coffee will help
- What the (#(@&(($# is she CRYING about?
- The Wife is judging me
- for not going in there, again
- it didn’t work the first three times
- What the ((#)_@(#& is she CRYING about?
- Is that The Boy kicking my back?
- Oh, crap.
- Is she getting new teeth?
- Would it help if I knew the answer to that?
- *()^^^*&*^%^, I thought we were done with this.
- Won’t she just run out of gas soon?
- Even grad school was better than this.

This morning, I look like Reverend Jim, from Taxi.

I have no bleeping idea how single parents do it.