Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Infinite Regress

1. We need to change this policy. The inherited policy makes no sense.

2. The forms we use are based on the old policy.

3. We need new forms.

4. We can’t just draw up the new forms. We need to run it by the union and the faculty governance group.

5. With multiple drafts.

6. Then we need to introduce the new forms at one of the three annual faculty meetings.

7. But they can’t take effect immediately. People need to know in advance.

8. So we’ll introduce them next year, to take effect the following year.

9. If we remember.

10. In the meantime, we’ll continue to use the forms that make no sense.

11. To respect the process.

12. While communicating that the forms will be changed.

13. But not yet.

14. But the union contract specifies the inherited form.

15. And the contract isn’t up for several more years.

16. So we’ll have to start the process then.

17. Or at least agree to start it. Coming to the table with a fully-formed form could be construed as bad faith.

18. So it’s resolved. We’ll fix the problem in five years.

19. (pause)

20. Oh, wait, there’s something else…