Thursday, July 14, 2005


Actual Dinner Table Conversation

The Wife, The Boy, and The Girl went to a park yesterday afternoon. They narrated the experience last night.

The Wife: [The Boy] just laughed and laughed when [Another Boy] got his diaper changed.

The Boy: (laughing) I saw his winkle! (More laughing) It was the size of a PEANUT!! (Roar of laughter)

It starts early...

Rolling on the floor laughing. :-)
Priceless!! Absolutely priceless!! (shaking with suppressed cubicle laughter)
I have all girls, so, peanuts are rarely viewed. And the first big viewing, for all four girls, was something of an event.

When my youngest was two (she's now almost five) we had friends over who had a two year old boy. At one point, he was running around with just a tee shirt on. Suddenly, Youngest Daughter saw something peeking out. "Wait," she called. "Stop. Can I see your tail-bottom?" Grabbing his arm, "Please, please can I see your tail-bottom?" Leaning lower and trying to pull up the tee shirt, "I REALLY want to see your tail-bottom."

Ever since, in my family, it's a tail-bottom, even if peanut sized.
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