Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Go, Canada!

I heard this morning that Canada’s Senate passed a national same-sex marriage bill, which the Prime Minister will sign today in Ottawa. (I think I got those details right.)

Go, Canada!

Regular readers know that I value my wife and kids tremendously. I literally can’t imagine life without them. The Wife, who outclasses me on every level, is lovely, sane, incredibly smart, and a fantastic mom. I’m lucky to have found her, and lucky to have been able to marry her.

To be deprived of the right to marry the love of your life would be devastating.

Incredibly, in America, the sentence above marks me as an elitist blue-state liberal.

It’s common sense.

Elitism has nothing to do with anything. My support for gay marriage isn’t elitist; it’s humble. I don’t have the right or the power or the moral standing to decide with whom others should take comfort when the world is cold. The gay couples I know, and there are many, are couples. They do things like shop at Home Depot and complain about property taxes and have mixed success growing tomatoes.

To the extent that America notices, and can be inspired by example, the Canadian law gives this straight American hope. The contrast with our new Supreme Court nominee is striking, and saddening. Tonight, I tip a Molson’s in honor of our neighbor to the North.

Hear, hear!!

(But hey, if you're going to be an honourary Canadian, that's "honour" and "neighbour", thank you very much!)

It's great, isn't it? A lovely day to be a Canadian. Let's all raise our beers in the name of tolerance!
Actually, it was passed by the MPs a while ago; the Senate gave its ok, and we're waiting on royal assent now (which is pro forma).
Yes, Dean Dad, what you said. But alas, in this silly country, common sense is not so common.
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