Monday, August 14, 2006


Little Things Mean a Lot

The college has an employee recognition dinner every year, to honor employees who have worked here for ten, twenty, or thirty years. (No forties this year.) A quick breakdown of the proportion of each group that is faculty:

30 years: 6 out of 8 are faculty

20 years: 4 out of 11 are faculty

10 years: 1 out of 12 is faculty

The decline is in absolute numbers, as well as percentage. Any speculation as to the cultural consequences to the college of such a top-heavy distribution is probably correct.

On the home front…

This weekend, The Boy successfully executed the “pull my finger” joke! I’m so proud! He is SO ready for Kindergarten.

He also told his first successful joke. “This guy goes to the doctor. He has a carrot stuck in his ear and a banana in his nose. The doctor says, ‘you’re not eating properly.’” A perfectly fine joke, and well told. That’s my boy!

Love it! Time to get the boy an audition on Last Comic Standing!
It's not just your institution, or just in higher ed generally. It's called the "gray ceiling." See here for more.
On the other hand, it might also mean that there will be a lot of openings soon....
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