Monday, November 06, 2006


Charlie Brown and the Football

No electoral fraud this time! Nope, this time will be different! The Republicans couldn't possibly steal another one!

Run run run...


Love the metaphor. However, it might not be theft if the Rs win. There's considerable polling suggesting that conservative voters are "coming home," closing the gap between the Rs and the Ds. And a piece in the New Republic suggests that there's evidence the Kerry gaffe is causing some independents to break to the Republicans (little effect on party loyalists, of course).

Here's a surprise. Three Republicans may be reelected in CT on the strength of Joe Lieberman's coattails! That is, if Joe had had just the usual token resistance from the Rs, Republican turnout would have been quite modest. But Lamont in the race draws many more conservative voters to the polls, which spills down the ticket.
There's actually a charlie brown-esque cartoon out there that has Lucy holding the football and saying "All of the polls have you leading by substantial margins."
And yet..some of us will still kick in hopes of making the goal.
yup, I'm still kicking. just blogged about feeling "young enough to believe in revolution". not sure if this is naive, though.
Perhaps the Democrats stole the election this time? Is this the "new era of politics?" Should we always accuse the winner of cheating?

Or will the Republicans be gracious losers?

The 2000 results in Florida were hinky in the extreme, and cries of "stolen election" were hard to ignore. Even if you thought Bush won straight up, the goings-on in that state should give you pause. (Even Pat Buchanan thought the "butterfly ballot" that helped him garner votes was clearly wrong.)

The 2004 results in Ohio were a little suspicious. The exit polls and the voter tallies didn't agree. The head of the voting machine company publicly said he'd deliver Ohio to the Republicans. Hardly enough to hang anyone, but enough to get suspicions high. Bits and pieces of voting irregularities popped up over the years, though nothing too solid.

So is it all that strange that after one very dubious election and one questionable election, the fear of a third rises up?

The dirty tricks campaigns that went on in Maryland and Virginia this year weaken claims of innocence even further. If Republican operatives threaten and mislead voters over the phone, the logic runs, is it such a stretch that another ethics-impared jerkoff might rig the voting machines? No, it is not a stretch.

I fully expect the Talking Head Brigade to charge voter fraud and/or suppression, as well as dig in their heels and be vicious about damn near everything. Gracious losers? Good lord, man--they were the sorest winners I've ever seen during the last six years--petulent, cruel, exclusionary, and snide. I can't imagine what level of hissy fit will come out of the party leadership and chattering classes over a major loss. Yikes.

For the sake of everyone, and I mean everyone, I hope the Republicans take the Republican Party back from the Neocon Nutjobs. We could use actual Republicans again, as a responsible counterweight to the Democrats.
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