Monday, November 13, 2006


No Sheep

Sunday night, at the dinner table:

The Wife: TB, Daddy and I have a conference with your teacher next week. She'll tell us all about how well you're doing at school.

The Boy: At listening?

TW: Yes, and reading, and math, and being nice to your friends.

TB: And listening?

TW: Yes, and we know you're doing really well.

TB: At listening?

TW: What is the fixation with listening? School is more than listening. We don't want you to be a sheep.

The Girl (sweetly): No sheep.

DD: (muffled laugh)

TW shoots me the “you're not helping” look.

TB: Sheep?

TW: You shouldn't just take orders. School is about learning.

TB: Learning to listen?


I shouldn't worry. TB and I had a good conversation about that on Saturday.

TB: I wish I was six.

DD: Why?

TB: 'Cause if I was older, I'd know more. I want to learn things faster! I'm tired of not knowing things!

That's my boy. No sheep here.

No, definitely no sheep!
Nice blog. It's funny how only the very specific and the very local seems truly interesting. I know our writing tutors told us this, but we keep forgetting.
So cute - and clever, too!

How interesting that your wife downplayed the importance of listening, when my ongoing refrain has been 'be sure to listen to the teacher.' She has a point! awful lot of emphasis on listening. It makes me wonder what the classroom atmosphere is like. I can see why The Wife would be concerned that he's got the idea that school is about listening, rather than learning...
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