Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Two Words I've Wanted to Say to Rick "Man-on-Dog" Santorum Since 1994



Damn, that felt good.

So this is what it feels like to open a can of electoral whoop-ass! No wonder Republicans are always so giddy.

It's time to get to work preparing a big #*%#%)#% can opener for 2008.

Congratulions. But I note that you won with a type of politician I thought was extinct: the conservative democrat, and what's equally rare, the pro-life democrat. Not with Ned Lamont.

If you keep that tent large, you might well succeed again in 2008. Especially if the Republicans now engage in a fratricide, arguing whether their loss is from too much conservatism or not being conservative enough. Which looks likely.
I have only one word: WOOT!
Nerd moment: Is "Buh-bye" REALLY two words. Doesn't that hyphen make it one word? Now that the election's over, we have to focus again on the IMPORTANT questions! *LOL*
Dean Dad, what's the difference between you and Donald Rumsfeld? You have a job. He doesn't.
Good news, indeed. Also good news: the University of Michigan can say "Buh-bye!" to affirmative action, too.
Also, buh-bye to Donald Rumsfeld, Don Sherwood, Macaca, and Kevin Federline.

Addition by subtraction, they call it...
I prefer the two words

Nancy Pelosi.


Charlie Rangel

remains a personal favorite.

I think the Republics don't yet understand that the Democrats who were elected are economically and socially well to the left of those whom they replaced. The Republic party will find this out soon enough.
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