Monday, January 22, 2007



A few nights ago, at dinner:

The Boy: I'm full.

DD: You barely touched your food.

TB: But I'm full! (heavy sigh)

DD: Okay...


TB: I want ice cream!

DD: I thought you were full.

TB: I'm full of this, not full of ice cream!


Yeah, I have those days too.
When I was a little 'un I always found room for puddin'
Sigh. We have that conversation every. single. night.
I used to weave a rather elaborate theory about being equipped with two different stomachs - much akin to the bovines - with one small for food, and one large for dessert.

Of course, being full for food did in no way imply that other stomach being full, which in my view merited me getting dessert.

Nowadays, I'm a pure maths PhD student, so no, I haven't gotten back in touch with reality. :)
Then they become fourteen-year-old boys and eat enough to really be bovines...
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