Wednesday, January 03, 2007


To My Niece

Welcome to the world, Little One.

Your father, my brother, is a good man. I've known him since he was about your size. He's a little new at this 'parenthood' thing, so don't be too hard on him. Your mother went through hell for you to get here, and is prepared to move heaven and earth for you. You're a very wanted baby.

You have a bigger cheering section than you can see right now. Some of us are far away, but we've been pulling for you since you were just a twinkle in your mother's eye. Today you're making people smile in several states.

You have a couple of cousins far away who are very eager to meet you. The Boy is a gentle giant, and The Girl is amazed that somebody could be younger than her. You have a beautiful aunt and an uncle who means well. I'll pull you aside and tell you stories about your Dad that will embarrass him terribly. Then we'll cackle and play with your cousins.

Your grandparents are absolutely giddy.

The world you've been born into really isn't worthy of you. We're working on it. When you're old enough, we'll ask for your help. You'll huff and roll your eyes. It'll be okay. Indulge us.

And go easy on your Mom and Dad. You're lucky to have such good ones. Even though they'll tell you, and you'll think you know, you have no idea how happy you've made them, just by showing up.

May you someday know the joy you've brought, Little One.

As someone who is waiting for her own bundle of joy (and post term at this point) I loved reading this entry. I wish all babies received a welcome message like this. Something wonderful to look back on years later.
A lovely posting -- thanks.
That's one of the most lovely letters I've read. I hope you keep a copy safe for her to reaad when she's old enough to understand.
What a wonderful welcome into the world! Thank you for sharing.
That was a beautiful posting. I am thankful to have read it, as I am in the midst of a challenging day as a brought me right back to the importants things in life. Thank you for sharing it...
oops, important.
Congratulations, Brother of Dean Dad and Sister-in-Law of Dean Dad! Best wishes for all the fun and excitement during these sleepless months.
Thank you, my brother.

Right now The Niece is nursing happily with her mommy. She's proven to be strong, healthy, even-tempered, and a full-bore poop machine. She's also heartbreakingly gorgeous, but that goes without saying.

I suspect we're the envy of every new parent in the hospital. You can see it in their eyes: "if only my child was as fine and beautiful as that one. Alas!" Of course, I could be projecting.


This "being a parent" thing is a challenge. Last night's hysterical shrieking fit for no discernable reason had all three of us frazzled. The Sister-In-Law and I figured out the source of the distress and got everyone calmed down, which was great, but it took a long time to get to that calm, which was less great.

It's hard to choose words that can describe the sensations and emotions. They're far too crude and weak for the job.

The Niece thrives, and we cannot wait to introduce her to the Dean Dad clan.
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