Monday, March 26, 2007


Now in Convenient Bite Size

"According to, “verb the adjective noun” is a slang term, meaning “to copulate.” "

More than 20 years ago, Lawrence Block used this in one of his "Burglar" mystery novels. The main character, Bernie Rhodenbarr, talking with a young woman with whom he had recently had sex, said something about "verbing her noun." Somehow, I doubt if the path is from an old mystery novel to current urban slang, though.
Thanks for the props, DD. I'm not sure about your predictions, but I love the way it sounds!

As for TB, I say bubble-wrap them all!! ;-)

I'll try to catch up with you IRL when I travel your way.
I've seen the pictures, and it's true. Neither DD nor HSFWO are aging a bit. It's a bit freaky.

Another recently seen (and soon-to-be-topical) double entendre: "come dip your maror in our charoset"
Well, you know how I feel on the subject of daycare (shhhh, I think we found our Mary Poppins, too!) so instead I'll tell you that your bullet on "verb the adjective noun" was worthy of a cut and paste to a few friends. I personally loved "She's got a past pluperfect, if you know what I mean."
Shocking astonishing and extremely upsetting how our country treats its youngest people . . . and the people who live with/care for them.

No wonder so many people don't want to have kids. No wonder so many who have them feel disaffected.

What a mess.
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