Monday, March 05, 2007


The Scariest Word in the English Language, When Screamed By An Unusually Tall Five-Year Old Standing At the Foot of Your Mattress at 6 A.M.



"The Scariest Words in the English Language, On the Phone On a Saturday Night, By Your Fifteen-Year Old Daughter":

"Mom, I'm snowed in with the boys' swim team."

(and you actually prefer that she stay put since you don't want to try driving out there and you certainly don't want some sixteen-year old boy trying to drive her home. they had a slumber party. ok, the girl managers slept at a neighbor's house).
Enquiring minds want to know:

Did TB actually jump, and if so, where did he land?
I'm not laughing at you, I'm just laughing near you.

Although I think scarier words are "I just threw up."
Well, he must have learned it from someone!
Ooohhh... that sent shivers up my spine!

I remember those days ....
How about these words from a five-year-old?

"Dad, dad, wake up. I'm on the Internet and I need your credit card number ... ummm, never mind. I found your wallet."
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