Thursday, April 26, 2007


Change From Between the Cushions of My Mind

I'm running on fumes at this point, so in lieu of a properly crafted little essay, I present, well, these.

I saw H&K GTWC in the theatre and I nearly peed myself laughing. My abs hurt when I left.

You gotta watch it with the right frame of mind though.

And I really, really hope the answer to the question is e!
Yeah, Harold and Kumar was pretty funny. I would take them up on it.
You last bullet suggests you will, in fact, enjoy the movie described in your first bullet.

Seriously, I saw the H+K movie recently, nearly died laughing, then immediately bought and sent a copy to my brother-in-law. I second tfc's motion that it should be watched while in the right frame of mind. But do go for it.
Definitely "e." As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to the day when I can do that to my grad school nemesis!
e; I will miss that opportunity given that my biggest headache during grad school never entered the profession and went back home to live with his parents . . . living well is the best revenge
Sympathies on the sleep deprivation. Eldest is giving me fits with a sudden remorse over the prospect of moving house in July. She's almost twelve and I'm still sleep deprived.

As for your question, the answer is obviously e. And how sweet it is!
I absolutely love H&K. It is my ultimate, I'e had a bad day and don't want to grade movie. And--if you have any affinity at all for Doogie Houser--it is a must!!!!
The bees apparently are dying because of cell phone radiation.
f. laugh like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons- "heh heh heh."
I love these random observations of yours.

Re: "In the last few days, scientists have discovered both kryptonite and a potentially inhabitable planet. Coincidence? That's just what they want you to think..." - we just discussed this at dinner last night, and came to the same conclusion as you. There are no coincidences.

And I love listening to the boys narrate their play as if they're reciting a book. Does my heart good.
I also want to throw my vote in for you to see H&K GTWC. I didn't want to see it; I was, ahem, "strongly encouraged" by the then-boyfriend. The movie was pee-your-pants funny. And I wasn't even in the "right frame of mind"!
harold and kumar is downright surreal in places. I totally love it.
I have to concur about Harold & Kumar. Funny, and it has Bobby Lee, which is a good excuse to watch a movie (and has me considering seeing "Kickin' It Old Skool"!?)
I also hope the answer is "e". And I too look forward to this day, but I don't think it will ever arrive...
(d), followed by (a) and a beer.

We may have to check out H&K. It was half on the radar, but we never saw it. To the blog reviewers: can you hit a random "scene" on the DVD and LOL like you can with Zoolander?

In trade, I will recommend "Totoro" to DD and his kids. ("My Neighbor Totoro" by Miyazaki, in the Disney 2-disk english edition)
Harold and Kumar was quite funny; a little uneven here and there, but a lot of excellent scenes.
Harold and Kumar is definitely worth a Netflix. The part with Neil Patrick Harris has an added level of humor now that he's come out. Oh, and if you like it, there's a sequel (Harold and Kumar Go To Amsterdam, I believe) coming out in 2008.
A bit late on this, but the reason that Honors version of your Comp class doesn't transfer may be that the Honors Director wasn't part of the articulation decision. As Honors director, I've only recently been involved in articulation (there's a stack on my desk right now). A phone call to the Honors director THERE may clear up the issue.
I'll add to the chorus of H&K admirers, but I've also got to recommend the poetry of David Bottoms who wrote,
"Cough and ragged wheeze, and outside
in the driveway
the wind rakes the lid of a garbage can.
All the loose uncertainties of fatherhood grate
in the joints of my chair."

That's from the first poem in his book Vagrant Grace. It's called "Bronchitis", and draws a jagged line from sitting outside his sick daughter's room, listening to her cough, to the Civil War.
Option E, definitely.

I watched "Harold & Kumar" based on this entry... dude, that movie's EXTREME! :-) Thanks for the recommendation!
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