Monday, April 09, 2007



Off to Red State today. Depending on internet access and my state of mind, blogging may vary for the next day or two.

Thanks to everyone who commented on Friday's post, esp. "Dance," whose idea for structuring my talk were far better than my own. Blogging as secret weapon -- why not?

Back soon.

Good luck!
Break a leg!
Good luck!
Good luck. Basing your plan on the comments from Dance is a good idea. Vision is the starting point, but be sure to include the current faculty and their instituional knowledge in your planned solution. We like hearing that, and not every institution has an antagonistic union bred by an antagonistic admin.

Also, Z*lda's remarks reminded me of one admin solution at my institution: a budget plan that allows for a guaranteed annual schedule. Some classes will be taught regardless of enrollment.
Best of luck, DD!
Break a leg! (So to speak.)
Good luck! And glad my comment was helpful, though I should have mentioned that's the only admin jobtalk I've ever heard. :)
Good luck!
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