Friday, August 29, 2008


Actual 1st Sentence of a Note Left by Our Plumber

“1st, do not be alarmed by the burning smell in your kitchen.”

Oh, goody.

"2nd, that new four-foot hole in your floor is supposed to be there."
thanks for the laugh! Despite all my house woes, that's certainly one I've never heard.
More details, more details.

"It's not hard to live
With somebody else's troubles.
They won't make you lose any sleep at night.
Just as long as life is out there
Busitin' somebody else's bubbles,
Everythin's gonna be all right"

Steve Goodman
PLEASE tell me the note got better from there!!
Well, that's one way to kick off the holiday weekend....

Happy Labor Day everyone!
Ha! I usually associate the burning smell with the electrician, and it's usually just BEFORE he pays a visit!
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