Monday, August 25, 2008


The Beginnings of Self-Awareness

We're trying to raise The Girl to be a strong and independent woman, which, given her lineage, is a bit like pushing an open door. But she's four, and sometimes she has a little trouble finding the sweet spot between 'registering an objection' and 'being an insufferable diva.'

Last week, towards the end of an extended tug-of-war between TG and The Wife:

TW (exasperated): TG, you're being mean and bratty.

TG: I'm not mean! (storms off, downstairs)

(a few minutes later, overheard from upstairs)

TG (voice climbing higher with every word): ...and I said no and she said we have to and I said That's (stomp) Not (stomp) Fair! (stomp) and she called me mean and bratty!

The Boy (earnestly and sweetly): Well, Sweetie, sometimes you are a little mean and bratty.


TG: Well, I'm not usually...

DD, it's a good thing you write this stuff down. It will be invaluable when TG and TB have Wedding Rehearsal Dinners! ;-)
To use my father-in-law's words, Maslow could have written a whole book about my youngest daughter's grasp of self-actualization at age 7.

That was sweet, and thanks for sharing. I do like to hear about TB and TG. Nice contrast with faculty affairs!
Love it!!
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