Monday, August 11, 2008



Actual conversation with The Girl last Friday:

TG: What did you do at work today, Daddy?

DD: It was pretty busy. I had to talk to a lot of people.

TG: But what did you do?

DD: That’s what I did. I had to meet with a bunch of different people.

TG: Meetings?

DD: Yeah, that’s when people get together to discuss things.

TG: But didn’t you do any work?


DD: Well, I did use the computer some…

TG: Yeah, that’s how people work.

Reminds me of a comment that a friend's son made:
Prof Dad: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Son: I want to be a politician or a college administrator.
Prof Dad: that's an interesting combination. What made you choose those two?
Son: Because I want to make a lot of money and not do any work.

It was then that my friend realized that the son might have been paying too much attention to the grown-up dinner talk.
Busted indeed! The other day, I was trying to get the boys to go away while I caught up on a few blogs and said, "Not now, Mommy's working." Tristan looked over my shoulder at my open gmail account and said, "That's not working, that's e-mail."

Too smart at six - we're in trouble!
Ah, clearly you neglected to explain the most important duty of any administrator: signing forms. If you add signing tasks to meetings, the workload of the average administrator increases to rival that of George Jetson.
I remember one of Dean Dad's wonderful posts a long time back, about the worst summer jobs we all had. How can we make sure our kids all have those awful summer jobs, too, so they appreciate us more???

Too funny, DD.
I was busted this week, too. My 11 year old came to work with me for the morning and had to sit in on a meeting I had about proposed public usage of some tennis courts the college had just built.

After the meeting, his comment was, "I can't believe you talked about tennis courts for a whole hour!"
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