Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Obama

When Barack Obama was born, his parents' marriage would have been illegal in Virginia. This Fall, he carried Virginia.

I've been accused of being just a little cynical. (TW mentioned that this marks the end of the 8 year long relationship between her butt and President Bush's face. No more annual state-of-the-mooning.) Today, I'm glad to put that aside.

We need hope, and we need it now.

In some ways, it's already flickering. A President who believes in science, and who appoints science advisors who actually know what they're talking about, is already a refreshing change. A President who isn't afraid to be publicly and conspicuously literate, who wears his intelligence with quiet confidence, inspires confidence. And a President who isn't afraid to surround himself with smart, experienced people – without getting subsumed by them – does this academic's heart good.

It's a hell of a time to take over. The economy is in free-fall, we're fighting multiple wars, and there's no obvious way out of either. The healthcare system is a bad joke, we're addicted to oil, and the boomers are on the cusp of retiring. We've spent the last eight years systematically isolating ourselves from our allies. The job won't be easy.

Good luck, President Obama. You've got your work cut out for you. Some of us are rooting for you enough that we're even surprised at ourselves.

It's a busy day, with the semester just starting. But I'll take a moment at noon and watch history happen. It's time.

The fact that he is "crawdadding" like crazy on the important stuff brings hope . . . still holdng my breath on his Keynesian leanings.

If he is indeed half as smart as he (and a lot of other folks apparently) thinks he is, he won't let his wishful thinking get in the way of reality.

Fingers crossed (for luck).
Here, here.
I was a young white southern female college student in 1962. Those of my generation had hopes that our generation would make this country a better place through our efforts joined with other people's efforts. We lived through the 60's with that belief and community.

And today, I witnessed President Obama's inauguration and I know those young idealistic hopes and dreams are still alive with other generations. I cry tears of joy!
We may have started change, but it would be nice if there was more to talk about the first lady than her wardrobe. Some things may not change.
I don't think Barack Obama will let conservatives' wishful thinking get in the way of reality.
The new President mentioned science in his speech, briefly. His content was primarily platitudes, thin on substance.

He's likely to face more difficulties from the Speaker and the Majority Leader and the left wing of his base than he will from the Opposition.
...which explains the Party-line vote on releasing TARP funding.
Appointing a blatant tax cheat as head of the Treasury Department is kind of a Bad Sign.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul after skimming 15%-20% for bureaucratic inefficienc; and not even vetting Paul [e.g. the various "bailout" scams]) also does not quite inspire confidence.

Waiting to see his take on

1. The Illegal and Stupid expansion of the Illegal and Stupid S-Chip program; and

2. The Illegal and Stupid "in-patriating" of enemy foreign combatants captured on the battlefield and currently being held as POWs at GITMO

These are two issues that will clearly define just how dangerously incompetent the new King of America really is.

Dude, are you seriously a college professor?

Because, damn.
I mean, seriously. Is there some kind of drug they give conservatives to make them totally disconnected from anything resembling reality?
Unfortunately there are plenty of people who actively want Obama to fail because, and I quote, "everything he wants to do will ruin America."

Lots of fear and hatred out there.
I do have to correct one ommission.

I ascribed insane policies/ideas to incompetence.

They could be equally explained by malevolence.

And, Dude, I am a scientist.

Being a college professor pays the rent.

[p.s. if the choice is between having Obama fail and having our nation fail, that one is a no-brainer. I want Obama to succeed. Just not at what he is currently trying to achieve though.]
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