Friday, April 14, 2006

Open Call

A reader asked a question about which I know exactly nothing, but I’m hoping some generous and knowledgeable readers have something productive to share:

My husband and I are looking for thoughts from academic professionals on
the general repercussions and/or benefits of delayed entrance into
kindergarten. Is research available? Is there a general consensus from
the academic and research communities regarding this issue? How will the
delay affect his high school and further educational experiences? Is the
age difference with peers long term less important than the short term
"success" of another year in preschool and an older kindergarten start?
His birthday is in January, which would have him turing 7 in the middle
of the school year. How would this 18-24 month age gap affect his
interactions with peers? He is not testing at 18-24 months below his age
level. 9-12 months on average, less in some areas. Above grade level in
academic areas. (letter recognition, pre-math, pre-science) There are
other issues to consider as well; The possible prevalence of a PDD
spectrum disorder (Asperger's)- we are in the process of having this
assessment completed. Diagnosed expressive speech issues particularly in
pragmatics, diagnosed sensory processing delays, very mild attention
issues as stemming from the difficulty in integrating sensory input. I
would appreciate any information you or your readers may have.

I've posted our dilemma here:

Any thoughts?