Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Five Weeks Ago:

(in passing)

Dean Smith: Do you think this elective would fit in this program?

Dean Jones: Yeah, probably.

Dean Smith: Thanks.

Four Weeks Ago:

Dean Smith: Thanks for taking the lead on this with the curriculum committee. Dean Jones said the elective looks fine.

Prof. W: No problem. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Three Weeks Ago:

Prof. W: Dean Jones said this elective fits in this program.

Prof. X: I don’t think so. Besides, faculty owns curriculum. Who does he think he is?

Prof. W: (shrug) I don’t know. That’s what Dean Smith said.

Prof. X: They’re all in this together.

Two Weeks Ago:

Prof. X: The Administration is dictating curriculum!

Prof. Y: The bastards are at it again!

Last Week:

Vice President: I just heard from Prof. Y. You’re overstepping your bounds.

Dean Jones: Huh?

And so it goes…