Monday, April 10, 2006

That's My Boy!

The Boy went to a classmate’s birthday party this weekend. I’ll call the classmate Britney.

Britney’s Mom told The Wife that Britney was very particular about who she invited – only five of the kids at the party were in her preschool class (with the rest from around the neighborhood). She chose her invitees based on who wouldn’t be a rival for The Boy’s attentions. She is smitten with The Boy, and wants his attentions to herself.

I was inordinately pleased at this.

Britney’s Mom even quoted Britney telling her that she loves The Boy.

This shed some light on a comment The Boy made the other day to The Wife. They were in the car.

The Boy: Mom, I have a secret about Britney.

The Wife: What’s that?

TB: I love her.

TW (surprised): Oh! What about Christina? I thought you loved her.

TB (in an ‘of course’ tone): I love her, too.

That’s my boy!

I’ll admit surprise at Britney’s social calculation skills, given that she’s just turning five. I don’t remember that age being quite so Machiavellian. Still, if someone is going to be the George Clooney of the preschool set, why not The Boy?