Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dean Libs

I thought it might be fun to apply Mad Libs rules to decanal memos. Example:

Please hand in your annual report to your chair no later than May 23. The department chairs will then provide summary reports to the deans no later than June 5.


Please hand in your (noun) to your (noun) no later than (date). The (adjective) chairs will then provide (adjective) (plural noun) to the (plural noun) no later than June 5.

It’s easy and fun! Let’s try a harder one:

I am in receipt of a formal (noun) by a student named (month) (city). She alleges, among other things, that in your class of February 10, you caused her great (emotion) by (gerund) her out in retaliation for her earlier comment that the class (verb). Several other (plural noun) confirm her story, including a suggestion that you had (past pluperfect) too much that morning.

I am formally requesting a (noun) with you and your (adjective) rep to (verb) this matter. Please (verb) your availability with my (adjective) assistant no later than Friday.

Fame and glory to the best entries...