Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An Update on The Peeps

Last month I did a post about a moral dilemma I was facing with trying to staff an offsite course for very conservative Christian homeschoolers. One of the professors who regularly teaches one of the courses they wanted – I called her Jen – was conspicuously committed to some lifestyle choices that would not go over well with the homeschoolers, whom I called the Peeps (in honor of Bitch, Ph.D.’s fixation with marshmallow peeps).

Anyway, I’m glad to say the situation resolved itself without too much drama. I asked the department chair to throw the class open for volunteers. None of the full-time faculty (including Jen) had any interest, mostly due to workload. One of our adjuncts, whose temperament and self-presentation should mesh nicely with the Peeps, took it. So the immediate crisis is resolved, Jen can be Jen, the Peeps can be the Peeps, the class will get taught, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is peace on earth.

Whew. But thanks to all the commenters on the previous post for the thoughtful input! It’s good to know that there’s this incredible resource to turn to when I bump up against my own cognitive limits, which is pretty frequently.