Monday, September 26, 2005


The Boy Stumbles Upon an Eternal Truth

"Daddy, why do girls like boys who play music?"

I've wondered that myself, actually. I asked him where he heard that.

"Watching Oprah, with Mommy."


When helping a colleague move in to his new house yesterday, both my boy child and my spouse became obssessed with his various accoustic instruments. They began plucking away at them, irresepctive of their ignorance of the manner in which these instruments were tuned. It was dreadful. Yet the pluck-pluck-plucking continued -- badly.
I observed that I had already held the beer and smokes for enough boys-of-limited-musical-talent, and that it would be a cold day in hell before I'd have that pluck-pluck-twang-sproing-plucking going on in our house. If they want to take lessons and then come home to play real things, that's another story.
I've alreday done my time in adolescent-girl purgatory.
Oh boy! The Boy is too, too funny.
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