Thursday, September 15, 2005


In a Nutshell

Yesterday, in celebration of Constitution Day, my campus brought a guest speaker who had been a professor of mine in grad school, at dear old R1. He’s a good egg, and it was fun to catch up. He was fascinated by my job, and wanted details. The conversation:

Visiting Big Shot: Do you carry academic rank?
DD: No.
VBS: So do you have tenure?
DD: No.
VBS: But the faculty you supervise have tenure?
DD: Yes.
VBS: So they can just tell you to jump in a lake, and you have to take it?
DD: Yup.
VBS: So how the hell do you manage them?


Oh laughing at the absurdity, and co-miserating a little!
Let me tell you how I lost 6 weeks of my life last year, as an untenured member trying to work collegially with tenured members who think that tenure means they can abuse the rules, push people around, and ignore the needs of curriculum, campus etc.
No, actually, I won't tell you because it's a private matter, but being junior and untenured can be a BIG problem when trying to work with the big fish (who don't even realise they are in really small pond).
"I hate group work."
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