Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Boy Stops Me Cold

A few nights ago, as we were putting the kids to bed:

The Wife: DD, get in here!

TW: You want to handle this one? (Points to The Boy)

TB: Why doesn’t grandma live with grandpa? Grandmas need grandpas.


DD: Well, they used to, but it made them sad. So now they live apart.

TB: Why did it make them sad?


I have no idea how to explain that to a four-year-old.

Bless his short attention span, he somehow segued to a monologue about volcanoes.

I think you handled it wonderfully.
Amen to praising short attention spans. (My kids forgot about the existence of their Halloween candy a day or two after collecting it.)

I know this is coming in my family too, since our kids have seven grandparents. I'm feelin ya.
I dunno. I suppose that it depends on how you feel about each of the GP's. In my case it was fairly obvious that boy-child's and grampas and grammas didn't live together because they had been really bad for each other, and maybe for those around them too (at least half of them anyway).

In general terms, I tell my child that a divorce is not the worst thing that can happen to a marriage.

Also, that it's better to think of a marriage's end as the completion of what it had to accomplish, not as a failure.

These are not necessarily points for a 4-year-old, of course.
Wow, those were some deep questions right there! I just wanted to add that I recently added you to my blogroll... (first comment ever too :)

My 3 year 9 months old is asking pretty interesting questions lately too...
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