Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The Wife, The Lyricist

The Boy has to bring a snack to preschool each day, which The Wife packs the night before. They talk about snacks as he’s going to bed and puts in his request. The Wife has set the ritual to the tune of “Let’s Talk About Sex,” by Salt-N-Pepa:

Let’s talk about snacks, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about apples and crackers
grapes and pudding
and juice-y
Let’s talk aboowwwt snacks
Let’s talk about snacks

The Boy loves the song, but someday, he’ll hear the original and say ‘wait a minute...’

She did something similar when “Stacy’s Mom” was a hit. When it came on the radio, she’d sing along, customizing the lyrics to The Boy. We had to stop when he started asking for the song about “[The Boy]’s Mom, who’s got it going on.”

Which she does…

Love it.

Very sweet, all 'round.

So much for the theory that us Cultural Studies folks were too cynical for real life.

The Boy is lucky to have a mum like that. Clearly Dean Dad already knows this.
I do that with Stacy's Mom all the time too. My teenagers simply love me for it. :)

I like the snack song, although I agree when he hears the original, it might just creep him out slightly. Oh well. Creeping out our kids is one of the few paybacks of parenting.
That's awesome! Mind if I steal it?

Our big pop hit was "Mama Said Knock You Out..." We're terrible parents.
LOL. I sang about Pistola to the tune of "Stacy's Mom," changing some of the words so that it wouldn't sound so incestous!

"Pistola has got it going on; she's all I want and I've waited so long. Pistola can't you see, you're the girl for me. I know it can't be wrong, cause I'm in love with Pistola!"

Because hey, it was true. We waited a long time to have her, and we were (and are) so in love with her during those baby days that she was all we could think about. And of course she was the girl for us--she's our daughter! :)
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