Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Why I Don't Grade on a Curve

I actually heard this on the radio this morning:

"Things in France appear to be calming down. There were only 600 car fires last night, down from 1200 the night before."


Ugh. Spam even though you have comment verification.

Anyway, I heard that yesterday on NPR too, when there were "only" 700 car burnings!
Every October 30th, arsonists burn huge chunks of the city of Detroit. It's a local holiday called "Devil's Night." And yes, it's real. (It's still going on, I think. It was huge in the seventies and eighties.)

When I used to live in that area, I drew evil laughs from lines similar to DD's. "This year, there were only 552 arsons!"

My kneejerk response was, "Dammit, those lazy kids need to get their asses back out there and set some more damn fires! Only 552? A disgrace! Get me some matches and my car keys!"
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