Friday, September 01, 2006


Picture Pages

A caption contest in the comments, for a brief photo essay consisting of The Boy, The Girl, and a blimp:

There's a metaphor in here somewhere...

"There goes Daddy in another one of his plots to conquer the world. I can hear him cackling from here. I hope he's back before dinner and not arrested this time."


"That's what I need to hook up to my Big Wheel! Daddy, can we get some balloons from the store?"
"Damn! Foiled once again by TSA's fantastic airport security!"
Pilot: Think those are Dean Dad's kids over there?

Co-Pilot: Those are pretty long shadows from young kids. I'll pull up the nose so we can get a better look.

Pilot: Looks like we're scaring the Girl; we better get out of here. Step on it!
LOVE the TSA line!
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