Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Scientific Method, with The Boy

Yesterday, after playing quietly with The Girl in another room, The Boy wandered over and asked:

"Didja ever notice how if you shine a flashlight in (The Girl)'s eyes for a reeeeallly long time the black dots in her eyes get smaller?"


I shouldn't laugh, because I can just picture Pistola doing the same thing to any sibling who might come along.

But I can't help it. :)
Do NOT give that kid a magnifying glass....
That is hilarious.
Time for his first chemistry set!
Oh, priceless! :)
Chemistry set? Uh, oh. Make sure it's a safe one.
Have you shown him that if you lean in really close to the bathroom mirror and flick on the overhead light while doing it, you can actually watch your own pupils shrink?

Maybe I was a weird child.

I don't think it hurts your vision. Good luck on the flashlight-on-innocent-siblings bit though.
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