Monday, April 03, 2006


Ten Years

It was ten years ago yesterday that The Wife and I first met.

In a bar, of all places.

I almost blew it as the evening ended, when she saw me drive off in my grad-student hatchback. Apparently, “chicks dig hatchbacks” is one of those rules that’s only true in some alternate universe. On a subsequent date, I explained that some guys drive really big trucks to compensate for other shortcomings, and that’s why I only needed a hatchback. She was amused.

Ten years later, we’re married with two beautiful, silly, sweet children.

This weekend we went to a major social function for the college, attended by many a big muckety-muck. The tickets cost more than I made in a week when we met. We dressed like grown-ups (except for the pink fuzzy slippers she wore in the car, to spare her feet), schmoozed with Important People, and acted like Very Mature Pillars of the Community. But I still got a kick out of being with the prettiest girl in the room.

I’m guessing that will still be true in another ten. And another.

Awwwww! Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Dean Dad.

Beloved and I met in a bar, too. He asked me if I'd like to come back to his apartment to see his sketches and I fell for it. No wonder I have a soft spot for clichés!
Congratulations! That sounds like a lovely ten years.

And I always did dig guys with hatchbacks.
Sweet! Congratulations.
How nice -- of course, the truth is that some girls dig smart guys -- which can overcome the worst of hatchbacks!
Many happy returns of the day to you both.
I think that maybe many academics meet their future spouses in bars. I kicked open the door on a campus pub 18 years ago (St. Patrick's Day) and thwonked my future spouse who was taking cover-charge money at the door.
Soon after, I found myself dating a guy whose 185 Escort wagon didn't open at the wagon-door because it had rusted shut.
So here's to bars, crappy cars, and lovely, charming spouses.
Happy anniversary!
My guy had a hatchback when we first met, too, with denim-look upolstery, of all things!

Happy anniversary.
I saw something special in the guy with the grad-student hatchback. I'm so glad I stuck around.

Guys who feel the need to drive big trucks and SUVs usually peak in high school or college. But intelligence lasts forever.
it's an unspoken truth. chicks do dig men with hatchbacks. congratulations!
Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dad!

Mr. Random and I met in a bar 10 years ago, too. Except in our case, I was the one with the hatchback and he was highly dependent on shoe leather. Our first converstaion was written on yellow legal pads, because the band was way too loud for us to actually talk to each other! I wish I still had them - we filled up three pages of notes . . .
That's dear. Rocket Scientist and I met nearly 12 years ago, around a keg of beer, the first day of graduate student orientation. I may have lost touch for ever had she not nearly run me over on my bicycle about a week later... and the rest is history.

I'm glad The Wife stuck with the hatchbacker, and The Rocket Scientist stuck with the cyclist. Otherwise this'd be a world for four fewer adorable kids, eh?
There must be something to this. Wife and I met in a bar, and she is pressing me to buy another hatchback ~30 years later
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