Monday, April 10, 2006


That's My Boy!

The Boy went to a classmate’s birthday party this weekend. I’ll call the classmate Britney.

Britney’s Mom told The Wife that Britney was very particular about who she invited – only five of the kids at the party were in her preschool class (with the rest from around the neighborhood). She chose her invitees based on who wouldn’t be a rival for The Boy’s attentions. She is smitten with The Boy, and wants his attentions to herself.

I was inordinately pleased at this.

Britney’s Mom even quoted Britney telling her that she loves The Boy.

This shed some light on a comment The Boy made the other day to The Wife. They were in the car.

The Boy: Mom, I have a secret about Britney.

The Wife: What’s that?

TB: I love her.

TW (surprised): Oh! What about Christina? I thought you loved her.

TB (in an ‘of course’ tone): I love her, too.

That’s my boy!

I’ll admit surprise at Britney’s social calculation skills, given that she’s just turning five. I don’t remember that age being quite so Machiavellian. Still, if someone is going to be the George Clooney of the preschool set, why not The Boy?

What a great story! My son is eight and came home with a girls phone number last week. She is in his choir and is the old age of 10. Oh, my husband was SO proud!!
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I too am amazed at the social (and gender role!) awareness of five-year-olds. A girl in my Son's class (they are 5) told her father that her "heart was breaking because she loves" Son. My Son also told me that they are getting married when they're older. When they're fifteen.
How will I make it through the teenage years?
Our family charm is deadly. No denying it.
Hey I was in love with guys at 5 and 6, I think it's the pictures of family that cause 5 year olds to say that, that and establishing relationships outside of families, they may find it hard to distinguish like from love.
But that is a very cute post, and a very predictable comment by your brother. lol.
So the boy is healthily polyamorous?
I wonder what Brit's mom thinks of her daughter competing with at least one other girl for some boy's affections. His allowance may be too high - what kind of jewels is he handing out, exactly?
Long time reader, first time commenter. This post made me laugh. I had a similar conversation with my daughter a few months ago. She is in Kindergarten. During our conversation it became clear that she has two "boyfriends" and she and her best friend "share" one of them. I'm glad they're breaking out of tradition so early. I agree with dr. write that their social and gender role awareness is amazing! Thanks for your thought provoking posts, both about family/kids and cc admin!
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