Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Best. Line. Ever.

From Aunt B.:

What good is self-awareness if you can’t use it to keep from being a dumbass?

I can answer that.

It means that you can appreciate the comedy of your own dumbassery. Self-awareness coupled with stupidity means you're living inside of your own personal sitcom.
My professional organization is filled with people who seem to be totally un-self aware. It's really quite striking. Knowing that I can be a bit impatient with people, I sometimes would think it was just me, but a friend of mine, also in the same profession, agrees.

So in order to maintain my equanimity in the face of absurdity, most of the time, I try to get a grip and as my mother used to say when I was little and found odd things in my food, to "eat around the [insert favorite foreign to food thing here]!".

Here's to self awareness! May it get us through our days!
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