Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The Boy, Master Communicator

Last night, in the car, just after I picked up The Boy at CCD on my way home from work:

DD: What happened in school today?

TB: Nothing.

DD: Did you have gym or music?

TB: Music.

DD: What did you do in music?

TB: Nothing.


TB (earnestly): When I say 'nothing,' I don't mean we didn't do anything. I just mean I don't want to have a long conversation about it.


TB has officially entered "the teenage years." Your conversations may never be the same!
Love that boy!!
Like his daddy, I would say!
I see The Boy every few months, and thus he's my subconscious benchmark for what kids his age are like. This can be a problem. Whenever I meet another kid his age, I always have an immediate reaction of "Man, this kid's dense. And painfully inarticulate. What's wrong with...oh, riiiight. Whoops."

The Boy is astonishing. The Girl is no less remarkable. They're quite a duo.
I hope you don't end up with a "Jeremy" and see yourself in "Zits" like my brother and sister-in-law do.
What a remarkable young man you have there!
That's an instant classic. It perfectly captures the dread they feel (and express) when being asked "how school was".
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